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I’m a visual artist with an MFA from Bard College and a studio at the Lexington Art League‘s Loudon House. My drawings and paintings include elements of weather, nature, and water and revolve around themes of reflection and multiple selves. This August, I will be one of four featured artists at LAL’s Woodland Art Fair.

I’m a teacher at the University of Kentucky’s innovative Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital Studies program. There, I teach students how to use digital technology to combine words and images in posters, videos, comics, websites, and infographics. (By the way, if you know of any other visual artists working in a department full of English PhDs, let me know!)

I’m a new author-illustrator of children’s books, and a member of SCBWI. I hope to contribute work to books that deepen children’s emotional lives, strengthen their sense of self, encourage them to imagine the lives of others, and/or make them laugh until milk comes out of their noses. I’m currently querying two dummies and working on a third.

I’m also an Oklahoman – hence my twitter handle, okie_elliott. I was raised in a town of 7,000 in the former Indian Territory. Since then, I’ve lived in Seattle, Washington and now Lexington, Kentucky, but I still  live off of Sonic and Dr Pepper when working on a deadline.

I’m also totally queer. In case you need to know that.

In addition to these things, I’ve also worked as a plaster-caster, an assistant zoo keeper, a crumpet baker, and a nonprofit capacity builder for a children’s museum.

I like bicycles, birds, barbecue brisket, basketball, and bourbon. Those just all happen to start with B.


One thought on “about me & contact

  1. It seems you’ve done everything in your career and you’re still growing – fantastic. I’m a substitute teacher – all levels, all subjects (though I do shy away from math). I give children’s art lessons. And I’m an artist/writer who hopes to get published in the future.
    Congratulations to you on your recent publishing success 🙂


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