drawing from TV: COLUMBO

We hear it all the time: real GENIUS artists and illustrators draw EVERY DAY. I’ll be honest- I’m not one of those. Wish I was. I bet you do, too. When a long work day winds down, there’s a small amount of time to devote to yoga, a walk, drawing, reading, or television. What to do, what to do!


Sketches from an episode of Columbo in which Suzanne Pleshette is boating with her mom and witnesses an illegal-arms-dealing general murdering a staff member in his fancy lake house.

One of my favorite things to do, especially when the weather sucks, is to watch television AND draw. It’s tricky at first- no one stays still. Remember those old school drawing exercises where you draw a continuous line and don’t look at the paper? Or when you sit in a public place and sketch people? If you’ve done those, you can draw from TV. New, fast paced shows with frequent edits are frustrating to draw. PBS, BBC shows, reruns on MeTV, or dramas with long takes like MadMen work great.

I like drawing Columbo. I recently learned that “fruit salad” is slang for military badges. I had heard of other meanings, but this was a first time for that particular one…



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