Siberian (or Amur) Tigers Rule Over Everything

Took a little break for my birthday and the long weekend. Went to the zoo and got up close to some Siberian (Amur) tigers (not my pic, Wikipedia’s…) Expect to see some posts of sketches about the weekend’s events sometime soon. Meanwhile…

I have 2 goals for this blog: 1. a place for comics and goofy drawings from sketchbooks and 2. animal facts. I’ve been neglecting #2 lately. Not because of any shortage, but because I have had so many drawings to post. Well, maybe here I can catch up with a few by telling you why Siberian Tigers are my favorite animal:

* The Siberian Tiger is the largest cat on the planet. Some folks say this is debatable, and that lions are bigger. As a volunteer zookeeper in high school, I took care of males of both species and our particular Siberian was definitely taller, more massive, and actually quieter and calm. The lion, on the other hand, had an inferiority complex.

*Siberians weigh about the same amount as a baby grand piano. Do a few physics calculations and you will see that a Siberian Tiger pouncing from about six feet up and landing on his front two paws exerts about 16-17 pounds per square inch…much like that of an anvil being dropped on a rabbit.

*The Siberian Tiger has striped skin as well as striped fur. Many other species of big cats do not have patterned skin.

*If you sculpt a full size Siberian tiger out of styrofoam, paint its fur in orange and black, cover it in tiger urine, and place it near another Siberian tiger, he or she will not only attack it, but systematically chew every single bit of tiger pattern off the outside until it looks like a vague styrofoam quadriped. I saw this on a National Geographic special from the 1980’s.

*In the same National Geographic special, scientists tried to sedate a female Siberian tiger by shooting a tranquilzer dart from a helicopter. The first dart didn’t take, and instead of running away, the tiger ran up a tall pine tree towards the helicopter in an attempt to swat it out of the air.



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