Submit your comic movie review to the PANEL

If you haven’t checked out the PANEL… a blog of movie reviews in comic strip format… well, first, check it out

Then, check out the call to submit your own comic movie review.

The PANEL is one of my little summer projects, and it’s been a blast. It is truly fun (after some hours of other adjectives… Like,”mystifying”, “perplexing”, and “aha!-ish”, in that order) to try and put down one’s thoughts on a movie (or likewise, book, music, etc) within a few drawings.

I found out that sometimes ideas appear as I draw, just like ideas appear to writers as they write (even if it’s just the alphabet or “I have writer’s block, what do you think of that? Oh I sure could go for an old fashioned right now. Mm mm bourbon. “Mm mm bourbon” Pete Troublesome said, letting the drink slide down his throat, “Did I ever tell you about the time I got drunk on bourbon and robbed a seven eleven naked? Well. It was a humid day in east Texas…”

And there ya go. So just keep that pen movin!



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