Drawing: Cumberlands B.G.

left: new drawing. above: goff’s joe price studio. click for animation by skyline ink.


New pastel drawing over at the painting site. Its actual long title is “Cumberlands for Bruce Goff.” Goff is a world famous architect whose work I grew up with in Oklahoma. Through some projects my partner has been working on, I’ve been looking at his work a lot… and talking about it late at night when neither of us can sleep. One night my partner was trying to describe the combination of glitzy, space-age style with natural materials, and said “it’s rustic glam.” I loved her description, because it fits his own work quite well… but it also fits the work of many other artists, and what I’d like my own work to be. I made this drawing after that late night conversation, which freed me to go over the top with the number of suns.



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